Salon vs. Store-bought Products 

  • Contains drying and Harmful sulfates and parabens


  • Higher pH balance


  • Diluted, chemically-based ingredients


  • Contains acidic perfumes





What does it do?


  • Sulfates are harsh detergents that create the lather in your hair. While they make your hair feel cleaner, they strip away natural oils, resulting in dry and frizzy hair.


  • Parabens (a man-made wax) coat every individual hair strand, preventing your hair from soaking in moisture. At first your hair will feel smooth, but over time will result in dryness.


  •  Our hair has a natural pH of 3.67. Store-bought products are often higher on the pH scale, which causes static electricity when used in your hair. In the long-term, this will result in breakage and frizz.









  • Diluted ingredients cause you to use more shampoo/conditioner, so you have to buy more often.


  • Frequency of usage will cause further damage, and leave you dependent on other types of products to restore  your hair . 


  • Products with high levels of perfumes result in increased acidity, throwing off the chemical balance of your hair, especially if you have color.


  • Sulfate and paraben free


  • Neutral pH balance


  • More Concentrated, higher amounts of natural ingredients 


  • Some contain aromatherapy as opposed to perfume





What does it do?


  • The absence of sulfates and parabens allow your hair to create its natural protective oils, and soak in moisture. This leaves your hair feeling healthy and strong.


  • Neutral pH balance (thanks to greater amounts of natural ingredients) keeps the scalp healthy, with little to no frizz or breakage.


  • Concentrated, healthy ingredients means you will use less product (and less types of products) saving you money in the long-run, and producing less waste for the environment.