Choose which hair type you most closely identify with. Be aware that this list is not representative of every hair type or texture. Everyone is unique, and there are varying levels within each category. 


Please note, you will achieve the best results by wearing your natural texture. Curly girls that straighten their hair can use products that promote a smooth texture, but doing this will cause damage over time. If you are in the process of transitioning to your natural hair, it will take time for its health to be restored. This process will take longer if you continue to apply heat. 



  • Weighed down


  • Styles won't hold


  • Oily/High-shine


  • Feels like you require constant shampooing



  • Dry ends/slight frizz


  • Can sometimes appear straight depending on your hair-care routine


  • Often looks unmaintained and/or flat at the crown



  • High frizz factor/dry


  • Tangles easily


  • Varying curl patterns that make it difficult to find the right products


  • High-low spring factor



  • High frizz factor/dryness


  • Hypersensitive to rough handling


  • Zigzag curl pattern when observed closely


  • High spring factor